Whimsical Artist Scott Plaster

NC Whimsical Artist Scott Plaster is from the North Carolina Piedmont Triad area and has been creating whimsical paintings for 30 years. His line of "Whimsical Animals" has been featured in the Community Arts Cafe and the GoTriad NC artists section and is available for sale in art galleries, art boutiques, and shops around the NC Triad region, and from the Mountains of North Carolina all the way to the Coast. Matted ready-to-frame art repro­ductions of the original whimsical oil paintings are sold in various sizes, art note card sets, art greeting cards, art posters, and even stickers. Plaster's animal menagerie includes "Mystic Tiger," "Cosmic Cow," "Neon Duck," "Psychic Gib­bon," "Shaggy Sheep," alley cat "Miami Lewie," house cat "Cry Baby," "Pelican Peek­ing," "Crab in Space," an alligator in "Crooked Smile," and "Running Rooster." His latest works include "A Series of Four Beetles," "A Collection of Flies," and "Daytona Five." Plaster also co-founded and leads an area NC artists organization, the Cosmic Cow Society, which promotes artists in the Triad region of North Carolina.

Website: Check out Whimsical Artist Scott Plaster's Website.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Questions about Whimsical Art

Q: What is whimsical art?
A: Whimsical art is artwork created in a style that is unique, out-of-the-ordinary, or fanciful. Whimsical artwork might be characterized by its color, design, line, or subject matter. Whimsical paintings are usually bright and colorful, and their subject matter is sometimes humerous.

Q: What makes someone a whimsical artist?
A: Many artists identify with being called "whimsical" because of their philosophy. They want to create images that are playful, cheerful, and carefree. Whimsical artists often want to make the viewer smile or laugh, or look at the world around them in a different way. What is a whimsical artist? You decide!


  1. A whimsical artist is a person with great imagination, very intuitive and a child at heart. They are some of the most kind, generous and compassionate people you will ever meet.

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